Ok So i walk to lane, she gets a FREE ignite level 3. and uses it. sometime later she gets a FREE redemption, heals herself for 270 while a second ago i just poked her for 300. another 20 seconds later she gets a FREE heal, uses it and is full hp again, gets movement speed of both the heal and her dumbass W passive. presses E Q aa and im dead. how is this fun to play against? you cant poke her because she will just heal it back, she has range and burst damage, Cc, and can poke you down with ignite and shit that she can pick up. and even if you try to run, and you flash away. She has 2 flashes. oh and if i cleanse her E, she picks up my cleanse. Why does her E slow me for 50%? should it really be a slow? it already stuns you for 2.25 seconds. so now if she hits her E i got no time to even run away? And so if you dodge her bubble she still doesnt get punished because it will leave a bubble on the ground with a scary hitbox for 5 SECONDS! and she can snipe you with it aswell? And to fall back on spell thief. Why does she even gain movement speed and damage from it? summoner spells got 180+ second cooldowns and she gets it for free every 20 seconds. So her W _PASSIVE _ does more damage than Ahri her W _ACTIVE?_ and now she also has the ability to chase you down. How i would nerf zoe, Nerf early game hard, nerf her Q base damage but increase scaling with level, increase E cooldown, decrease her E trap to 3 seconds from 5. and make the hitbox smaller, remove bubble slow, and nerf the stun from 2.25 to 1.25/1.5/175/2/2.25. also decrease the damage On her W, and remove the movement speed she gets from it. her W cooldown goes from 20 to a minute. at level 9 it will go to 20 seconds again. this will nerf her early game more and now she wont just oneshot me at level 3 with 2 abilities. it seems drastic at first but remembered what happened to azir? His scaling got nerfed, his base damage got nerfed, his CD got nerfed, His range got nerfed, His E doesnt stun anymore, His ult got reworked so now people can just dash through the wall and it only lasts 3 seconds. his health got nerfed, his mana got nerfed, and it is yet one of the most glitchy champions in league. if this goes a little too far maybe make her e 2/2.20/2.40/2.60/2.80 zoe just shouldnt be this strong early game.
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