about darius runes

now that you can pick resolve secondary and still get some bonus health , is it a good option to go press the attack and resolve secondary ? I'm not a {{champion:122}} player but I got his dunk master skin in loot and I wanna start playing him so here's my thoughts : your autos stack your passive so having attack speed as a base stat is not that bad and you already have an auto reset in your kit so you're gonna stack that passive super fast. by stacking your passive with your autos and W you also stack press the attack witch is gonna make your passive hurt more. you can pick over heal or TRIUMPH. TRIUMPH is never bad and over heal can give you a nice shield since you do build health. COUP DE GRACE works perfectly with your DUNK ! LEGEND: TENACITY for obvious reasons. and REVITALIZE for your Q https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/preseason-update/8000-8005?build=00110237 what do you think {{champion:122}} mains?
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