You Care About The Majority Riot, You Will Surely Loose Your Minority

I've been playing League of Legends since 2011. I remember at that time, the game was balanced. Team fights used to last for some time creating an opportunities for saving the day by doing some smart moves. Now the team fights are finished with a blink of an eye. Why this change? And I answer what I truly believe in. Few years back, there were lots and lots of viable champions of every kind: AP tanks, Hybrid tanks, AD and AP assassins, AD and AP bruisers, AD carries, Supports, and mages. Since that time, you did a lot of changes: Removal of FON (you could have nerfed it), Nerfing the damage of Sunfire Cape, nerfing the CDR of Spirit Visage, nerfing the defensive runes, removing Atma's Impaler, nerfing Warmog's, etc...). On the other hand, you created BOTRK and Liandrey's Torment. This along with nerfing tanks and fighters specifically, had made team fights so god damn fast. One mistake, and you loose your teamfight. No come backs. Lets us check the ranked weekly winrates on LoLking Diamond: 3 mages, 3 AD carries, 2 supports, 7 assassins, 0 fighters, 0 tanks. Plat: 4 mages, 5 assassins, 3 AD carries, 1 fighter, 2 supports, 0 tanks Gold: 1 fighter, 4 assassins, 3 AD carries, 5 mages, 2 supports, 0 tanks Silver: 5 assassins, 5 mages, 2 AD carries, 1 support, 1 fighter, 1 tank Bronze: 4 assassins, 3 mages, 2 AD carries, 1 support, 2 fighters, 3 tanks (because Bronze always do the mistake of focusing tanks) In the LCS, we never see an AP tank. It is clear that the majority likes the extremely rewarding champs(like zed, riven, and Vi), so Riot did what the majority like. A tank gets nerfed and you barely see 1 or more forum thread complaining. An assassin or damage items is nerfed and woow, QQ threads are everywhere. With respect to me, I like comebacks, I like to have a chance to correct a mistake I've done in the game. Unfortunately Riot took that from me. In the end, this is your game and you have the right to do whatever suits your benefit. In the mean time, I will continue playing League of Legends but of course with less passion and no money spent on this game anymore. I am not having the kind of fun I used to that is worth paying for anymore. I am not flaming or raging I'm just expressing my opinion about LoL. One more thing I'd like to add. There is a non-famous player called SkarnerOnly. I really like watching his games. He always always picks Skarner regarding of this champ being outclassed by almost all assassins and fighters. Nevertheless, I enjoy how regarding of Skarner's current state, he really does impressive moves and outplay the enemy many times. Too bad he likes playing Skarner too much, I strongly believe that if he can shift his passion from Skarner to other viable assassins and fighters, we will definitely see this player in the LCS ***Edit*** Based on reading the comments, I see 3 additional main causes why tanks aren't viable anymore. Tanks excels in protecting the backline and locking down priority targets through CC. Many complain that it is not logical for a true tank to deal damage while still being tanky like the newly released {{champion:154}} and I agree. So a true tank is identified as a Melee Champ with strong defences, good CC, and low damage. 1st cause: True tanks are made for jungling because they lack damage to duel in a lane and have CC to gank effectively. If you build tanks with AP, you will get wrecked in teamfights because tanks are forced to stand in melee range and have low mobility. Their clearing speed is simply pathetic while fighters and bruisers can farm the jungle like crazy. {{item:3713}} was 1st created as a farming jungle item to help tanks clear up camps fast. Unfortunately, it was nerfed because fighters and asssassin junglers abused it in counterjungling. This really limits the ganking power of tanks. 2nd cause: Not all tanks have hard CC (stuns, taunt, fears, etc...). Some of those who does have hard CC, it is hard to land (like {{champion:98}} taunt and {{champion:111}} Q). If you go over the champions created by Riot in the last 2 years, you find that almost all of them have excellent gap closers and escape mechanisms (dash, blink, jump,etc...) which are not effected by slow. For instance, {{champion:154}} lands a Q on {{champion:92}} and she just use her 4 dashes while spamming the Ctrl 4 button. 3rd cause: I really don't understand why Riot gave some fighters and assassins good CC abilities that are better than those of some tanks. For instance, {{champion:266}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:254}} have better CC than {{champion:154}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:36}}
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