Urgent Suggestional Changes (in not just my opinion)

A lot of interessting Changes the last few months ... nothing about Warwick ... again ... I´m really wondering ... are they "purposedly" ignoring how **ridiculously freaking over the Top broken Warwick** is??? Like seriously! Even if you Team up against Warwick he just kills both and STILL has half of his health! Like come on! I really think Warwick is the most serious and urgent matter they should attend to! You know, there is a reason why everyone bans Warwick in Aram and Draft pick! {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}} {{champion:19}} Sigh ... it´s probably pointless to complain about Warwick anyway ... it´s not like they are gonna listen to us anyway ... it´s just like the reporting feature, it was with well intentions buuut it doesn´t really worked out ... and seriously, it´s getting really tiring to see SO much Updates but Warwick still being extremely broken for so freaking long without any news or changes about him! It´s almost like they are actually thinking Warwick were balanced! He seriously **is NOT!** {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}} **So please please Team of Riot: Finally give Warwick a big fat NERV already!** it has been overdue for a loooong time already ... "Waiting hopefully for the Hunter to slay the Wolf" {{champion:67}} >>>>> {{champion:19}} Christin Eleven {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} Ps: I would love to see some interractions between Neeko, Zoey and Yuumi! cause in my opinion those three could totally be cute friends! Specially Zoey and Neeko! I would love to see them become friends! For example Neeko could cheer up Zoey after she realises that Ezreal is not interested in her ... and I do kind of ship Zoey with Neeko ... I mean, why does Neeko has to remain the only lesbian (or gay) Champ? {{champion:518}} x {{champion:142}} = {{sticker:sg-lux}} (Love) Pretty Please??? Or at least {{champion:518}} + {{champion:142}} = {{sticker:sg-kiko}} (Best Friends) Would be awesome as well, Please?

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