Riot got a minute?

I'm honestly tilting about some of the aspects of riot games game management, and while i find excessive their "let's buff a champion so people will buy the new skins we'll make for him" and the "Prestige editions and 15000 RP bundles" (15000 RP = 100 euros, are we serious here?), i'm even more pissed about the balancement section. I've heard several times that it's not true that riot balances only for the competitive, and while i think that this is a big fat lie, i'd like to ask how can you keep saying that when if something is spammed in solo Q and has a fkin 103% winrate no1 gives a sheet, while if this strat makes it to competitive "OH NO, HOW ARE WE GONNA DEAL WITH IT?" ----> Nerf. I mean, i'll just make some examples here: If i recall correctly viktor top made it to the esports and got smashed for it. Frostfang top is maybe one of the few insta nerfs i've ever seen, and maybe one of the few cases that didn't make it to pro plays, but just because in EVERY SINGLE GAME there was AT LEAST one of the 2 toplaners with a frostfang and klepto. (EVERY. SINGLE. GAME.) Sion got abused in solo Q with a split push build for several time (banner of command if i'm not wrong) till he made it to competitive and got smashed, also banner got deleted. Master yi literally ints or goes morethan30/lessthan7/heonlygetskillsnotassists in solo q, and every game is a waste of time trying to win versus a fed yi, BUT he's not played in competitive so who cares :>>>>>>>>>>>. Katarina: exactly the same. Akali can easily smash you in lane and it's really reaaaaally stronger than most of the champions she sees in her lane, and as you could see in competitive pro players literally smashed other pro players with this champion, i recall seeing an 1v4 with 3 kills by an akali some days ago. Maybe some nerfs arrived before she made it to competitive, but i think the fact that they keep nerfing is that she stomps in esports, making it awful to watch. Everywhere in the damn boards there are players looking for a lulu or a taric to "Duo strat funneling lulu yi or lulu twitch jgl or taric yi", oh but wait, you said funneling? Didn't we nerf it with Monster hunter passive? Oh, the players didn't give a F and continued playing it with a winrate of 70-80% till diamond making it an easy way to climb with almost no effort? What did you say? Pro players were tired of playing funneling because midlaners had to pick support champions and were sick of it and it also was stupid to watch so we nerfed it due to that, but now that no1 plays it anymore in competitive is fine if a twitch jgl smurf has 92% winrate? Interesting, well remember that here at riot we think that "Game balance is the goal of making sure that games are fair and that all of our champions have distinct strenghts and weaknesses, such that no one champion is stronger than all others.". To me tho it seems like they just want to give the impression that they're actually putting some effort, with some good words here and there, while they don't give a f, or at least this is the impression they give me because of their actions, which goes in the opposite direction of what they want me to think imho, and that's bad. But let's keep going, oh yes let's talk about coinflip champions, let's talk about the funny and interactive counterplay that some matchups offer, and how a game can be lost in champion select. here we go with the list. Nasus: you can either destroy him with a champions that doesn't allow him to farm, not at all, zoning him in lane and diving him with the jungler when he's under turret because he can't manage the wave being a melee that can't get close, and he won't be able to comeback, ever, he'll be an useless 0/7 nasus with 150 stack that tried his best to farm and stack safely, having half the cs of the opponent with the stacks maybe barely surpassing the minute, and trust me i played games with nasus like this, i know what i'm talking about. OR, he can stack freely because you have a champion that CAN'T deny him the stacks, and your jungler is dumb enough to ignore nasus, because in solo Q not everyone know what he's doing and what could lead to an easy lose, and then nasus got 500 stacks at 25 minutes, but when he already had 100 and a sheen he could ult and annihilate your sorry ass for staying in lane with no cc or escape tools to get away from his ultimate form when you got Wed. This leads to embarassing 1v3 won by nasus and him outpushing 4 guys like sirhzec does sometimes. Either a minion or a 1v9 machine this nasus, are we doing something about it? NAY Master yi: can be stomped early if you get strong champions that can invade and kill him 1v1 and also have some cc to lock him down in teamfights, and will be the typical useless 1/7/2 master yi, why this score? Because i saw them a few times, BUT i also saw the unstoppable master yi ganking me with redbuff and taking a guaranteed kill because i got no way to escape while diving me and resetting tower aggro with his Q, which can be repeated every redbuff or ultimate he has, leading to a 4/0 in 10 minutes and a 20 kills 2 deaths at 17 minutes, with your teammates spamming ff and yi taking another pentakill. He's a nightmare to deal with and you can't just outrun him, unless you got specific champions ofc, so let's say i got my gp or morde, i can give up cause i know i'm dead. Is that inting? No, because running away or standing still have the same fkin effect: you die and he snowballs, going 1v5 and killing all of your team with 700 true damage on 1900 hp from your recap, while using 2 Qs in a 3s window. Are we doing something about it? Let me rephrase it, is he being played in competitive? NAY -------------> we ain't doing anything, ez, but don't forget to buy our last lux skin, we'll make another in 3 months <3, maybe the battle academia pajama version or the school trip animu version (onsen included xdddd). Plain disgusting. There's still more ofc, Fiora, the outrageous gem duelist, which literally walks on you in lane, stomps you all over, destroy you for even showing her you got 1 of the 3 vital spots she can reach, making you either lose every single trades (she deals you the q damage plus a percent of your true health, healing for like 40 or 60 i don't remember if they buffed, also she's so fast that if you can lend even a basic on her you deserve some praise, but a basic deals around 60 and her heals completely deny your basic damage, so she got a free trade out of that, every 4 seconds or so), this until she gets 6, which becomes a mess, because she just pokes you a bit and then all in with R, or just all in with R and kills you, or just all in with R and chase you under your turret, killing you and dying on the 4th tower shot, complaining on how fast you can run faster than her with her ultimate bonus MS (30/40/50%), while you should be the one complaining she got this broken speed boost with no reason. And how do you counter it? You can counterpick fiora, which you can't do if you pick first, you can ban fiora ofc, but she's not the only champ who's gonna stomp all over you, you can dodge the champion select, or you can walk in lane back and forth, hoping that vital to pop out on your back, losing 2 levels and 40 cs while doing so. Funny ain't it? I saw Hashinshin talking about her some days ago, he said that she has low winrate because she's useless in tf, which can be true in a lot of comps, so her lane is broken and her teamfight is weak, is this how we compensate? I think that's a poor way to try and balance her rotten laning phase, given that she could theoretically keep going on a side lane and with the advantage she got in lane keep pushing till nexus and winning every 2v1 you try to take her down with, unless you wanna 5 man a fiora bot giving a free nashor. Are we gonna (here we go again) do something about it? NAY (as expected). JUST KIDDING AHAHAHAH got you there bro, let's just buff her W, so she gets rewarded more for completely denying the damage of one of your spells, retorting the cc on you if there was even cc, while halfing your attack speed if there was no cc hitting her, making it impossible to you to to do more than a basic attack every 3 seconds, while she destroys you. Yep, well done rito. Oh and tahm top just destroying you if you can't run faster than him? I got abused pretty bad while playing aatrox and mordekaiser, and while i'm not the best aatrox in euw my morde is pretty decent i think, and there was absolutely nothing i could do, he 1v1ed me with the sunfire 900g piece and some armor, while i rushed MR like there was no tomorrow, being both champions with the main damage source being magical, one with 37 resist (tahm) the other with over 70 (me) which went over 100 when i got my adaptive helm, he kept winning 1v1 even after helm and when he got visage i was like ;-; . Are we gonna... N-N-N-NAY. "I could do this for hours. Really." Garen complaining about riot balance team Jokes aside, i could keep pointing out how wrong is vladimir that builds ap and gets hp, going around 3k hp at full build, which is almost a tank, tanking more than a tank with his heals while being able to oneshot your carries, and you can either focus him and lose the fight because he can zhonya and heal for 2k hp, making you waste your cooldowns on some1 you can't kill, or ignore him and see your backline exploding in 1.5 seconds. I could talk about red kayn going 1vthemaximumnumberoftanksyouhave and winning because of his healing, while like vladimir tanking more than a full tank with his healing and denying your all ins with the untargetable ultimate which can even heal him for 1-2k depending on the victim. Or blue kayn oneshotting the sht out of you for 24 minutes straight till you decide to ff while you watch your midlaner dying again to the 27/2 kayn. And while it's true that the examples i've made until now don't appear in every game you do, and there are counterpicks to these champions, it's also true that there are onetricks with 70-90% winrates, most of them smurf, but some of them learnt well a broken champions, and while i think it's good to master a champion, i don't think it's correct that if you master one of this solo carry champions your opponents have from little to 0 counterplay, resulting in a guaranteed lose. When the champions kits matter more than the players playing them, imo we got a problem, because the result of the game it's not decided by who played better, but it's decided by the better picks, hence "we lost this in champion select". If both teams pick stupid champions tho the game could be decided by the "Strenght of the stupid champion/ability of the player" ratio, but i'd like to remind that there are a lot of champions, and it's pointless to create new ones, when over a pool of 140+ champions you can play around half of them and try to win, or stick to the champions you've ever liked and keep losing because they're weak. I'm not a lucky player, the champs i like can easily be outscaled by the meta champions, why not play meta then? Because i like what i play, i like my Gp which is imo one of the most difficult champs to play in the game, with the barrels being really hard to place correctly and easily denied by enemies, i like my gnar which has the stats of an adc with 150 less range and gets sht on regularly, i like my mordekaiser which is getting finally a rework, and i say finally because some matchups are really vexing, for example mordekaiser vs illaoi, try to play this lane then you'll get what i mean. I like my champs but i'm bound to lose and get flamed by my team, because they see i'm clearly weaker or less useful than my opponent, but this also is the result of the champions difference. I'm not saying it's impossible to play but yet being dived with no counterplay is often a pain to deal with, and i know for sure that learning champions like irelia could provide a much better result than maining gangplank. That's it, there could be a lot more to talk about but i doubt you even made it here, and pls before saying "*put here name of the champion you wanna defend* is really easy to stomp, you just can't play against it, you understand absolutely nothing you hardstuck player 700 games xd" keep in mind that this is the kind of comment that doesn't even deserve my attention, so feel free to do it but don't expect any reaction on my side, i think i already explained in detail a lot, and you may think it in a different way, but coming here to flame will only make me ignore you, because a pointless reply deserves no consideration. Thanks to those that made it till here, tell me what you think about it, i'm really curious to see if i'm the only one thinking the game is being developed poorly.

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