Different LP for MVP/ACE

I think most of you already noticed on op.gg that we have a range of score: MVP- The summoner that performed the best in the match ACE - Best losing player, the summoner that performed the best for the losing team So I guess it would be really good for the MVP to get +2/+3 LP more than he gets and for the ACE to not lose as many as he normally do...so let's say if he's gonna lose 17 LP, minus only 14/15 instead...I feel like its fair this way and all his effort won't be in vain. And same can go for the 9th/10th, that most of the time are just feeders that end up with 0/8/2 or smth like that...so instead of losing 17LP, they're gonna lose 19/20 LP. This way, even if you have a troll or feeder in your team, but you played as good as you could, you won't get punished as hard as him. What do you think about this?
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