Dear season 6 support players

I had no problem with most supports in season 5 but in season 6 a new breed of supports seem to have appeared, so I'd like to make a few things clear for those supports plat or lower elo, for their own good ofcourse. 1. Sitting in a bush and walking back and forth is not playing support 2. Watching your adc as he dies and then standing still to call him a noob, causing you to get kiled as well, is not playing support 3. Leaving botlane constantly to gank your boosted premade mid is not playing support 4. As a support, you help your adc farm under his tower. You do not stand still while calling him a noob while he fails to get minions under his tower at level 3 5. While playing support, you generally harass the enemy and help your adc farm, which is pretty much all an adc can do early game. You don't stand under tower all laning phase and then complain about your adc's cs. 6. During teamfights, you protect your adc if he deals any decent amount of damage. You dont watch him get crushed in the backline by a flashing wukong and then call him a noob for dying Just what I can come up with on the top of my head. Sure there are a few more things I cant come up with at the moment.
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