Not sure what this is, it's either a rant or just an observation i noticed or realized, but this is gonna be mostly a speculation on my part. So recently there was a thread asking what role is the most(or maybe least) popular in higher elo or something like that and it kinda got me thinking why support is as much contested as other roles or maybe even more. Well i think it's probably of similar reason why i have support as my secondary role so i'll probably explain how i got where i am now. I think what allowed me to climb faster was realising one truth: the whole "have 3 champs per role" is bullshit, i just dropped majority of my champs and focused only on 2 champs and roles those being and and support because i was forced to play it so often(for the record, 3rd role i would go, in case i coudn get the other 2, was jungle). I started taking support role more seriously and well since most of enemys didnt take it that seriously it was actually rather easy to win lane and just snowball out of control. Right now thinking back on it, i'd actually say support is probably the easiest role to climb out of low elo. Why? one simple reason: you can easily get this role and get lots of experience on it. It's been a long time since i climbed out of silver, but looking at some threads it looks like support is still underrated there. Going back to my low silver/gold scrub climbing days at some point i had an internal strugle to shift to support main (note i was considering myself mid main). That happened because geting support role was really easy and i was doing REALLY well so temptetion was big. I decided to stay mid main because when i play rpg games i play mages. I assume many players climbed in a similar way and why in higher elo you can find quite alot of support mains(had a similar struggle as i did except that they did shift the role) and if people don't get theyr roles they tend to preffer to support as the secondary option. Well right now as Plat 1 player i get my main role rather often and do well, but i feel like as a support against actuall support mains i tend to be a step behind. Thanks for reading, maybe you can relate or maybe this could help you climb.

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