So basically League of Vayne

Draven passive gets nerfed,jinx q and r gets nerfed,Tristana gets changed,Graves has no cigar but,and i say BUT Vayne still destroying games with her unchanged W for decates. Honestly i keep seeing people playing her every day ,its like they dont know anything else than a vayne and guess the reason,unstopable in late game.She's like tanks?Pff ok come at me bro my W will shred you in seconds.Now i know that all these mad vayne mains will come and hate on me but am just saying the truth,she is broken and Riot guys still dont nerf her,i mean come on guys you changed Draven cause you though he was "op" but look at this perspective,she can engage in a 5 vs 5 team and melt everyone from the enemy team,its like playing call of duty,not lol
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