RIOT is killing the game

Hello folks. I've decided to make this post because, and even though I know that RIOT doesn't care about my opinion, I strongly believe that we all have the right to express our feelings. I started to play LOL on season 2 and the game was pretty fun, fair and easy to play. With more and more champions introduced, the game is dying. RIOT made new champions completly broken and unbeatable. You may ban (now teams can ban up to 10 champions) those champions... is that really necessary? Just make ALL champions strong (or weak), keep with the counters strategy that RIOT used to have back in season 2 and 3. There are champions so strong that even if you play with a tank such as Garen, Malphite or Shen and you build full tank, they'll still able to kill you on 5 or 6 seconds... that's totally ridiculous. Just turn tanks into something else. Make all champions assassins. They are killing the game each and everytime they introduce something new... Best regards. Paco
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