seriously, stop it. not only for the sake of the junglers themselves but also for the other laners. You see, ganking skill is composted of two elements. One is the mechanical xecution of the gank, and the other is knowing WHEN you can gank. By constantly telling junglers that they are shit because they do not gank your lane, you negatively condition them into ganking constantly. They want to gank all thee time, because that bullying creates an unrealistic image of jungling- permaganking. By inflicting psychological pain upon them you burn into their brains a stupid phrase "not ganking- being shit". These poor souls obviously do not want to feel like shit, so they try to gank They start trying too hard. They attempt ganks when they should not. And they come to my lane and feed kills to my oponents. In ganks that could not possibly succeed. Stop bullying your junglers. NOW
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