azir should i refund him or train more

hello guys i played {{champion:268}} in aram when he was free he was very op in aram so i collect 6300 ip (took me forever XD ) and i bought him 3 days ago any way this is my 7th game i lose with him i watched some videos tried to do the same nothing happen he's very very hard to play i like playing with him but i dont know if i'm going to be any better with him my build order is {{item:1056}} >{{item:3165}} >{{item:3020}} >{{item:3089}} >and then i lose :( it sames that i cant focus attacking with the solders and dodging in the same time and {{champion:268}} has a very poor hp and def i played vs veigar 3 time tell now and i always lose the lane phase vs him any ideas how to defeat him? one time in the late game he killed me with 1 W !! any tips about azir will be good and what do u think guys should i refund him and buy something else ? {{champion:122}} {{champion:157}}
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