PBE changes seem REALLY good so far!

If anyone didnt notice yet, pbe is filled with dmg reduction on quite a few champs, this is the right path. I noticed it with a post in the NA forum. Akali passive nerf (Im still kinda sad my OTP got reworked, dead for me anyways rip) Karthus R damage nerf Jayce Q damage nerf Galio Q and E damage Nerf Rammus R damage nerf Janna E buff and W damage + cd nerf Master Yi has less atk speed and his Q repeat Strike deals 10% less damage each and a few important changes to zacs, teemos, Malphites and wukongs kits This is just amazing, this gives me hope to finally come back to play this game without having Teamfights that last less than 5 seconds! I was wishing for Tank meta, i didnt want them to deal more damage though, i want every character to shine with his own strengths. At this point everyone bullied everyone with damage, even enchanters like janna! If this keeps going i see myself playing League as my main game again and i would actually buy a few RP too. Pls keep going like this, let Tanks shine with survivability, Enchanters with an annoying amount of support etc etc etc, get rid of this insane damage overflow that has been plaguing us for so long. At this point everyone is an assassin. Im hoping so much that they keep going like this, this is a sign, maybe they finally understand what harmed this game. Dont let me down Riot Games !
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