Who is the better assasin: Fizz or Akali ?

Greetings summoners, i have been asking myself this question recently. I have some experience with Fizz and love to play him. Not only cause he is funny, he also has 2 skill shots and i like playing champs who have. But since the changes to him a while back, i have seldom been able to be good with him (not to mention to carry a game). Shall i swap to Akali? When i compare those two, i come to the following conclusion: Laning Phase (mid): - Fizz is one of the weakest champs i know, if not the weakest. As melee, you can be easily denied farm. Before the changes made to him, he had at least the burst damage to punish a squishy ranged mage if they made a mistake. Not anymore. Akali has her Q and W. Fizz E consumes too much mana to be effectively used in laning phase, and it has a long cooldown anyways. In Tradeoffs, if Fizz wins, he is always low on health and should port to base. Akali can stay inlane due to her spellvamp, and really get the advantage. Teamfights: Pre the changes to Fizz, he was able to pick out an enemy champ by using his Q and W, leaving his E to escape. His ulti is AOE, granted. But as his Q and W do more damage on champs who got caught by the shark, and usually tanks are in front, well .... Not to talk about his E, where one now has to decide if you need to deal damage or to escape. Akali on the other hand has no AOE, but she is able to really burst out one or two enemy damage dealers wy more easy than fizz. This all beeing said, Akali does not need any mana. Low cooldowns. Easy to use as she has not a single skillshot. And a meta tank build which rocks actually. I was always under the impression that difficult to play champs should be rewarded, but imho, the opposite is the case when comparing Fizz and Akali. Actually, while writing this, Fizz doesn't even get rewarded for his drawbacks in laning/farming phase. Think of it, if you face an opponent who know's to play his champ: - Lux, Anivia, TF, Ahri, Galio, Heimer etc. -> If they keep their root/stun/taunt on hold, the moment you engage with fizz either with Q or E to close the distance, you are fucked or you don't get the kill. - Akali, Katarina -> close match, but they can still harrass. Two players with the same skilllevel, i suppose fizz will lose - Zed, Yasuo, Diana, Lissandra, Elise, Annie, Leblanc, Morde, Ryze, Ekko, Kassadin, Karma, Morgana... Gesus, i don't recon a single mid champ i would own/counter with the fish. Maybe Ziggs ... PS: I know, there will be tons of postings saying "learn to play" or likewise. I will just look for the other ones, so don't be angry if i just irgnore the rest ;)
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