N°1 ● Camp Me i Dare U (EUNE) - a day ago I hope katarina get revert because has same issues with leblanc and rengo the delay on her kit is so frustrating and that make her automatically no fun to play also she is not assassin anymore .1) the reset thing on her e for me is pointless and all this dagger thing because most of them gone wasted because you must be on top of enemy head to hit them with dagger also feels a lot clunky also her w movespeed is pointless because most katarina players use ewrq so you dont move and you wait 2 sec dagger drop with wasted movespeed and overall she doesnt cordinates with role of an assassins because she dont have fast burst and last old katarina kit compliments better itself, felt smother and was more fun to play and some arguments for this are the following 1) resets had meaning 2)w move speed buff had meaning for example you could kite your enemy or reach one other target you wanted 3) e dmg reduction was helpfull also was more instant and u could dodge a lot spells and do some funcy plays. RIOT PLEASE REVERT KATARINA :) {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
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