Riot doing a very poorly job on hitboxes, yet no hints they care about this issue.

Alright, now I am not that type of a guy, who Posts those hate threads and stuff, but this is meant less as a hate, but more as, in some sort, a complaint and critizism about a thing in the game, which is very important, yet gets really little attention by riot. The thing I am talking about, are hitboxes. Now most of the time, it just looks like they do a very very sloppy job in that direction of the game. Now one of the most obvious problems are, animations/models not fitting with the hitboxes. In order to be able to play a competitive game efficiently and set it on a lvl where skill does matter a lot. Now simple animations such as Morganas binding, Nautilus hook (according to hooks sometimes blitzcranks hitboxes really look weird) and so on. I just feel like, if your champion has a higher hitbox as the model shows, you are put in a huge disadvantege because it's fairly easy to miscalculate the way you need to sidestep in order to dodge things, just aswell if the hitbox of skillshots is wider than the animation Shows you. Now I have to say, this is an issue that doesn't affect many people, since only the better players, which are capable of dodging are going to have to face this problem. I encountered very often a situation, where I was trying to sidestep skillshots combined with kiting. Now when you have to set your focus on dodging, you stop then to attack when you are sure you dodged something. Now imagine you are in that situation you have to kite and to outplay your opponent. You see a skillshot flying, where you start to sidestep, now from the animation and the champion model, it clearly looks that the skillshot is going to miss, you use that little time to stop and autoattack or use a skill on the enemy. Now you get hit by the skillshot anyways and you die because well, your eyes, or more like the Information the game showed you, was simply a lie. Tell me what are your thoughts on that? I even have a comparison. Blizzard brought out Overwatch, in not even a month, they were able to fix their hitboxes so well it even overcame Counterstrike: Global Offensive. Now Riot wasn't able to fix their hitboxes in 8 years, and the Problem is not lying within the Money, riot has enough of that. And as a last argument: Programming hitboxes in league is a lot easier than in shooters like CS GO or Overwatch. Thankyou for your attention
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