Why am I such garbage at this game?

I am a relatively new player, I am playing since about August 2018. I feel very embarrassed over the fact that I am already Level 146, since that means that I have been playing way to much of this game. You would think, that from playing much, you gather some experience, but thats not really the case for me, I really am pure garbage at League, almost every game I feed and loose or only win when I get carried hard by my team. Just look at my match history, its full of int. The only champions I can win games with are the easiest, pick to win champs, like Rammus. The worst part is, I don't know whats wrong with my playstyle, what the reason for me playing this poorly is. Its just so frustrating to get loose after loose, and I even only play normal games, because Im scared I will get stomped completely in ranked. I just want to have fun with this game, I dont even want to reach a higher rank or something.
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