Patch 6.9 - Thank you Riot.

TL;DR patch 6.9 is solving everything the community asked to solve and it is awesome. So, recently the community was starting to get very annoyed at many different changes that happened in the pre-season or over the patches between pre-season and now. I wish to make a list of those and go over them. Tank meta: People had been complaining about the tank meta for a few weeks; WORRY NOT! We now have tank shredders, champions who can burst tanks and % health damage. tank meta will be gone, I foresee tanks as being OK for what they are meant to be: a frontline, but they won't be able to 1v1 assassins anymore. Worthless objectives: While dragon has indeed been not too relevant for a while now, and rift herald was a joke (hey, its almost just baron food at this point) the new rift herald gives a 20-minute non-removable buff which WILL change games, and bring back losing matchups. The new dragons, what can I say? As a silver player I have never seen so much dragon fights, warding around control or so many dragons taken so quickly. Even here we are focusing on dragon a lot, this shows how relevant it has become. And elder dragon does seem to be equivalent to baron (more or less) when both are taken (though that depends on what dragons you already have). Towers are weak: Guess what? they are buffed now. And they WILL hurt you. And you WILL hurt them, but not as much. Games snowball too quickly: well, some may not see this as a fix, but basically now the game snowballs so much out of control and objectives are so important even a team super far behind can snowball themselves back into the game with one good play (at least in silver). I just want to thank Riot and the balance team for all their hard work. The community flames you, hates on you and always says everything you do is bad, but I enjoy everything you do, because all of you rioters, I know, do your best to make this game great (whether it's because you want to do so or just for monetary reasons I don't care, you want to make the game great {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} ) So a big thanks to all you rioters who do their best to make this game awesome, I know I'm far from the only one who thinks like this, and for all of us who enjoy the game and the efforts you do for us, a big thank you. You are awesome. Have a {{item:2010}}
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