League of Cowadice

Its funny, people say ADC's are not overpowered and yet all of them are picked for lanes other then bot and regularly win. Champs like {{champion:76}} and {{champion:64}} are picked consistently and rely on one long range ability, if they cannot land that, they retreat like cowards and {{champion:16}} basically gets rewarded for doing nothing and staying on the back line with no skill actually needed. I do wonder why I'm playing this game anymore, its completely based around cowadice or landing 1 or 2 abilities. At least bruisers have to go all in and are in threat during a fight because they may die but most ADC's can just stand back and spam abilities and right click and then suffer from the delusion that they are somehow good when they have either/and; a short cooldown dashes - {{champion:67}}, {{champion:236}} global range ults - {{champion:22}}, {{champion:222}}, {{champion:81}} Mobility and safety built into their kit - {{champion:429}}, {{champion:81}}, {{champion:42}} Rediculous damage numbers - {{champion:104}}, {{champion:202}} I will confess, I've never liked the ADC role, sure they are squishy and can be focused and burst down but they essentially get rewarded for doing nothing when they have overpowered tools built into their kits. It does actually make me laugh when some {{champion:236}} thinks hes a god on my team, until I point out that he has one of the shortest cooldown dashes in the game at max range, same goes for {{champion:67}}. This game is built around cowadice under the guise of "strategy". The game literally requires you to gang up on other players in an unfair fight so why do people think they are "gods" at this game when the person they are fighting has unfair odds in the first place, its laughable. Time to wake up and smell what you shovel in "ADC" mains... How many of you are like me where you've played support and the ADC has gone on a ego trip about how they are so good or acting like a god, taking stupid risks after a few kills and then loses the game because of their deluded ego and think they can solo anyone when YOU'VE been the one putting in the work as a support. They never would have got the kills without you. I probably suspect that this will be downvoted because people don't really like the truth and would prefer to live in a world where the universe is all about them. People are funny that way. But it does really need to be said, too many champs have too many ways to stay safe and avoid punishment for their mistakes.
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