Can we talk about Veigar's E?

Hey everyone, Every time I play against Veigar, I am insanely bothered. Not by his burst, I don't mind getting 1shot. If I get 1shot, it's for a reason and I understand that. But holy crap, his E is such a stupid spell. It's completely unfair. It has a delay. Yes. A delay of 0,5 seconds. after that, if you didn't get out you need to blink out, or you're stuck in that thing for 3 seconds. Now, if you didn't get stunned by it, you still can't get away for THREE ENTIRE SECONDS. That's basically 3 secs of cc. And if you are driven into walking into the edge cause you need to dodge something or his team is coming and you need to go somewhere, after 2 seconds, and his E is maxed out, you are basically "cc'd" for 4,5 seconds. I know it's not actual cc but you can't go anywhere for that duration unless you so happen to have a blink. I am aware that Veigar is in a bad spot right now but that doesn't change that this single spell is simply extremely unfair to play agaisnt. You kinda have to shut him down in lane but unless you're Zed and a few other examples, if the veigar isn't stupid he's gonna have an easy time just stacking. I'm gonna suggest some changes, of which I know nothing will be done with it, but I'm just here to share my opinion. Makes his E last for 1,75 seconds, keep the stun duration the way it is, make it a bit smaller. This is not meant as a nerf but actually more of a buff. If it is smaller people actually get caught by the edges easier and if you time your combo well, they have less room to dodge your W even though it lasts less long. Since we'd take away some of his E, we could give his W a slow. Since his E is already a stun and often times you'd hit your W on a stunned target, it'd be an interesting itneraction if the slow would apply after a stunned target wouldn't be stunned anymore. This would give Veigar a lot of opportunities, like kiting or getting away more easily. This wouldn't gut veigar and it's way less frustrating than getting stuck in a giant circle of inconsensual penetration of orifices for 3 seconds.
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