Essence Reaver on Riven

Hello Riven players. I recently started playing Riven and I was experimenting with her item builds. I tried building: {{item:1036}} >>{{item:3133}} >>{{item:3508}} >>{{item:3086}} >>{{item:3074}} >> Other typical CDR-less Riven items. Later, I turned {{item:3086}} into a {{item:3046}} for the extra tankiness and crit chance. I get 10% CDR from runes and the Essence Reaver gives me +30% CDR with this build. So I get maxed CDR with just one and a half items. I know this item has a passive that is of no use (mana regen), but I think the other stats/passives from this item work really well on Riven, kinda like a Nashor's Tooth on Azir. Although I am a below average Riven player, I still thought I could deal high DPS with this build, especially due to crit strikes. I want to know if anyone has tried this item on Riven and what you think about it.
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