i'm done.

After hitting gold some months ago i realised. The game is not fun anymore. - To many patches - to many changes to maps - to many reworks - to many smurfs - to many boosters - to many flaming - to many griefings - to many skins and weird animations - to many buffs & nerfs - to many of everything - to many weird items - to many item buffs & nerf this game used to be fun FOR ME i dont know how u guys think about it. but for my age around 30 its impossible to follow up, the game is fun. every game u need to play like ur some kind of LCS pro But. ranked is the only way to have it. cause normals u will play as a gold or silver vs plats/dia/and even smurf master players. to mutch to handle to much to process. its done, im moving to another game. Have a nice day every one and good luck.
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