1) Tank Item: The Sunfire problem

We all known tanks are in a strange spot right now. They lack interactive & fun items, the items don't really sync with eachother that well and a lot of their active/passives are unique names what makes it very hard to combine it while still covering all the require effects. I'm not going indept on how problematic it is. But let's just start with one called {{item:3068}}. This so called OP item has been the starting rush item for almost any sololane tank in the game. They need it in order to push wave & waveclear them out of the laning fase. Besides making it harder to siege towers it also suppose to be OP because anyone build's it. But that's for from the truth. The reality is that the item is fine (might even suck a litte) but their are simply no alternatives. The only time Sunfire isn't rushed is when they need to rush a {{item:3076}} first, or are laning against AP where they start {{item:3065}} or they need to get to their core item can be used as a replacement like {{champion:57}} with {{item:3800}}. This makes me wonder if the item really is worth having in the games. It's an all-in-one item that gates tanks on waveclear, is good for splitpush & is good for teamfights. It's good in everything and the only tradeoff it doesn't have is having cdr. What I like to suggest is rework sunfire like this: {{item:3056}} Ohmwrecker - **Cost** 2600 - **New recipe:** {{item:3751}} (900) + {{item:2053}} (900) + 800 - Sunfire Passive - Ohm active but now it's just disables the nearest tower so you don't have to click on it {{item:3068}} Sunfire (rework) - **Cost:** 2900 - **New recipe:** {{item:3067}} (800) + {{item:1029}} (300) + {{item:1011}} (1000) + 800 - **Unique Active:** Serround yourself with a burning zone dealing AOE magic damage based off your max health. The more health you have the bigger the radius. The damage buildup based on the damage you minigate. This would push it into a full on teamfighting item. Since the damage scales of the damage you minigate it will be stronger the more armor & resistances you build.
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