[Repost] Riot secretly decrease rewards of the Honor Capsules

Honor 2018 delivers checkpoints and more rewards | League of Legends
Honor in 2018 brings you updates based on your feedback. New checkpoints between levels let you track your progress and rewards get better as you level up.
Hello everyone, If you have already passed the Level 3 Honor, you may have noticed that the Honor Capsule contained 3 key fragments, a random ward skin, and 300 blue essences. However, what you may not have noticed is that **Honor Capsules are suppose to contain champion shards instead of blue essences**. But what does it change basically ? First of all, the champion shard for the Honor 3 Capsule is suppose to equals **AT LEAST 300BE**. So right now we're being given the minimum amount of blue essence possible for every checkpoints. Secondly, there is no champion shards at 300BE, the closest being at 270BE, so if we are really suppose to get a champion shard of at least 300BE, strictly speaking it will have to be a champion shard equals to at least 630BE. Finally, if we're having blue essences instead of champion shards, we won't have the possibility to keep the champion shards to unlock new champions or masteries (what I like to do personally). I did send a ticket to the support to ask them about this and at first they told me that it was completely normal and that nothing was wrong here. Then they acknowledged the problem and said that they will fix it within a few days. I asked them how they intended to fix this issue but I couldn't get any answers. EDIT : This is the second time i'm posting this message, Riot just deleted my previous one.
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