Akali retouches is immoral

The topic of this discussion will be controversial, but im just sick and tired of these retouches riot does to Akali. I do tend to agree with the majority that her new kit is annoying as F** to play against. But also she is by far the worst champion design in the game, that would have to go to Illaoi as the work you have to put in to counter her vs the work you have to do playing her is unjustified - Just walk up with E and facesmash your keyboard, then watch the enemy cower in fear. My biggest complaint here isnt about her multitude of buffs or nerfs that has been shoved down our throats, But rather about her new kit vs her old. Akali has always been a champion one would have to put in work with to win and a viable choice to onetrick, due to her querky mechanics and unique abilities. Best suited for soloque and less focused on LCS pro play. I understand the descision to make her more appealing to the public from riots perspective, but really looking back the past month who does this rework appeal to? Certainly not Akali onetricks and people that genuinly love her character, or the average Joe that look at her overloaded kit in disgust. She is now designed for people looking for easy LP on an overbuffed champion with low outplay potential. And now that she has been gutted her winrate and most certainly playrate has suffereD. and in turn the people that actually play her for fun suffered, i think that the choice to milk her off for cash and throw her aside is somewhat immoral as none really fills the niche that she left behind before the rework. -Are you really going to leave her like this, in the bottom tier for no reason ? Then what was the point of the rework if you would not want people to play her? Keeping yasuo around for 5 seasons even though people constantly complain about him being OP is fine, but half a season of a 40% winrate akali is too much so we have to gut whats rest of her after we collect the money from K/DA skins. I HATE THE NEW AKALI PLEASE REVERT HER TO THE OLD AKALI AND KEEP HER AESTETHICS OR AT LEAST MAKE HER SOMEWHAT VIABLE AND FUN WITHOUT BEING A NIGHTMARE TO PLAY AGAINST AND OVERBUFFED. THANK YOU. ________________________________ Or as they say on bronze - Not worth.
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