Sooo... The 'Mastery System'

Initially when the mastery system was introduced it was a concept I was completely down with, being able to show off your proficiency with a champion through emotes and borders is a good thing, it gives you a reason to get better, to perfect your craft. That being said, I still think the 1-5 mastery system was way too brief and easy to achieve, but that's not the point of this post. The point of this post is this 6+ Mastery system and the fact you have to PAY to show how good you are or how long you've spent..? Mastery isn't a product you can sell, Mastery isn't something you should be able to buy. C'mon now, how is it fair that after having to work for S- + ranks, you then have to essentially pay to display what you've worked for? This kind of feels like you're scraping the barrel to try and get people to buy into the game even more, but this is a point that should never have been a pay-to-display endeavor. Do you pay for prestige in COD? or Doom? Or your champion mastery in Diablo 3? Wouldn't the more rewarding and engaging idea be to extend the mastery system to 6 - 10 Mastery? With each requiring varying grades of S- or greater ranks to achieve? I'm all for the mastery system, but it should be a system that solely shows and reflects the players individual skill/time spent. Not how many chests they've opened to melt down the useless champion shards to pay for. This needs addressing Riot. Mastery should be a reflection of the player, not the their bank balance.
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