DuoQ - 8 games in a row with 2x Mid as mainrole (midtop, midsupport), not getting mid

Not even sure on which board to move this, so do it for me. This flaw of DuoQ is already there since years and I dont get how there isnt some kind of "fixed" mainrole getter after you get your secondary role a few times. Im playing DuoQ with my sister in Platin and she picks MidSupp, Im MidTop. In 12 games now we got **once** mid. 8 games right now in a row without mid. Riot cant be seriously saying that this is intended. Theres no point in DuoQing if we cant even have our mainrole atleast once in idk 5 games? And dont say mid is taken often, I soloQ often and strangely enough get Mid in 80% of the time. What is going on here please?
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