im complaining about %health true damage again!

so instead of whining this time i have some suggestions instead: fiora and vaynes %hp true damage should be replaced with either a larger %hp physical damage or flat true damage scaling with AD. if this would make them too weak then buff them somewhere else: have vaynes Q go on cooldown when its used rather than after the basic attack is used. have vaynes E give a debuff to pined enemies. (like reduced damage or attack speed). have vaynes R give extra attack range. maybe rework how her passive works so she can mark out a enemy she want to chase and have buffs against that target. have fioras passive give the enemies debuffs (like a slow or reduced damage) have fioras E deal more damage after hitting a weakspot. have fioras Q give her movementspeed if it hits a unit. just remove uncounterable damage please its stupid.
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