Are we ever going to have a yasuo rework?

There is really no question about it, yasuo has the most disgusting kit in the game, he isn't difficult to play, his passive has 2 sides (a free shield for early game and the crit enhancer for late), his jumps have no cooldown, his ult makes him invincible, his Q is fast and easy to hit along with his dashes... His kit should be nerfed, at the very least remove either the lategame or early game advantage of the passive. His ult should leave him vulnerable, as him using it and dashing away easily is nerfwrecking. All and all for the most part he is a pretty save champ and the only way to beat him is to freeze wave or if he has no thumbs and suffers from severe mental issues you might kill him. I realized the chances of the rework are slim, for some weird thing every weaboo emo kid who plays lol mains yasuo, and there are a lot of them. But still, a minor rework should still be a thing to happen in my opinion.
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