An idea about Warwick's rework

So I had some ideas about Warwick and I decided to share them with you guys (Sorry about my bad English, I'm kinda in hurry) 1_ww is a "blood hunter" right? So why he is use mana? Let's make him like Vladimir type of champion, maybe like this: with each attack and spells ww drain blood from his enemy (up to 100) when reaching at Max stack ww next ability will get empowered (something like Renecton) 2_ about his R: I think it must be rly cool to his active R become like Zac's ultimate but with skillshot type. And he will have his current E as his R passive, and when ultimate goes to cooldawn he lost it's passive too (like Olaf?) 3_ an ability to summons wolfs to help clear jungle or when he wants to team fight for ww must be nice (I guess), like doom bot udyr. (yes, I love wolfs). That's pretty much it. Thx for reading my post and pls share you're thoughts about what you guys think about ww ^^
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