Rank distribution

What was the real point of adding Grandmaster and Iron divisions? Grandmaster holds (Overall all players all over the world) the same amound as Master and Chalanger which is about +/- 0.02% of players. Which means that players are most likely quque the same as before. Iron holds up to 3.25% of players, and for some unknown reason every player with new account begins placements from Iron 4 which makes it so frustrating to even play ranked. Because after placements with 8 wins from 8 placement games you can only get to Iron 1 or maybe B4. When before you could get S5 - G5 after placements on new account. Why rito didn't split Silver division? Silver division (from 9 divisions overall) holds up to 44% of all players overall all around world. How is that normal? 9 divisions, and one of them holds almost half of the player base. Gold division 30% which is also too much for one division. They really think that after 1 year or more the player base will be somehow splitted and every rank will have balance? Don't think so, when there is a factor that it's very hard to demote to another division, plat 4, gold 4 etc. Because of the shielding Factor. Shielding - When you don't demote after losing few games, but the price for it - is mest up MMR, when you can get 13-14 LP for win and lose 23-24 LP, which makes it almost impossible to climb, and you're officially HardStuck D5 (old meme).
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