About the different items dropped by TeamFight Tactics (TFT) Bosses

Hey guys, I think that the items dropped by the last bosses (Dragons, Herald) in TFT are too much different in strength and so many times I lost the last fights due to the fact that the item dropped for my enemies was way better. Now, it is CLEAR that no developer can imagine which is the best item for a team composition; likewise, it's clear that the Bosses shouldn't drop the same item for all the players (even if this might be an idea), because all the team compositions are different. But. Bosses can absolutely stop dropping the almost useless (except that in rare cases) spatula-combined items, at least. Or, the developers could improve the Artificial Intelligence of the drops, so that, for example, if one team finds a Shivv (and it happens), the other shouldn't find a Youmuu (and that team have no assassins!!!). What do you think about it?
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