Darius and bans philosophy

Well this is probably the first champion that gets more then 80% ban rate for more then 3 weeks in a row after it had less then 5% ban rate! Right now its almost like you had 5 bans and darius permaban. So this is a message for the community and riot. Darius wont stop get banned unless you patch it so weak that he just cant be played!! If lowering his ban rate means nerfing it just dont do it! Every change you make you just ruin him. I liked the rework but now happenned something really really stupid. I main darius. **I cant play him** and he **is getting weaker**! darius isnt that strong and peolple **only ban him literally because other people ban him. YES ITS TRUE**! If you ban darius because is overpower is because you ban him so often you dont even know darius anymore! Just try not banning darius, you will see its worth it, darius winrate is bellow 50%! _Hey guy what do I ban?_ _ban darius_ around 70% of the times he gets ban because people are too lazy to think in any other champion!!! All you got to do is make 6 champions ({{champion:122}} excluded) strong enought so people really think in what they really ban because honestly, bans in solo queue have no propose, disabling champions that people enjoy playing... its lucky shots, everyone just limits to ban what was banned in other games. Its getting really annoying for me and all main darius. _I main darius!_ _what a noob_ Explain how does a **47.5%** winrate champ has **80.9%** ban rate?? [Darius [24-10-2015]](https://i.gyazo.com/9fcc00de679854bc0f3a7ca8ae830243.png)
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