Am I the only one that will miss old akali?

I am suprised that everybodey likes akali rework so much. I didn't get a chanse to play her yet, but i feel like outplaying with her will be so much harder now. I don't even like her new look. For me, she just looks like a female yasuo or zoe, so i am suprised that people like her that much. ( i dont have a problem with yas ) Ok, I am done crying so lets get to the point. I really need to let go of old akali, becouse i loved her kit and her simple outplay potential with 3+ dashes and blink. I should probably try to play her, before i cry on boards, but if you guys have any idea on how to move on from here and how to let it go, please feel free to comment. ( Sorry for my bad english )
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