Unfair Matchmaking, ty Riot

OK this is not first time but really guys....my last game My team: - lv 30 (unranked) - Plat 4 - Gold 3 - Gold 3 - Silver 1 (me) Enemy team : - Gold 1 - Master - Plat 3 - Plat 4 - Gold 4 _(no premades)_ Just had that game , why are games on normals so unbalanced/unfair matchmaking I mean this is not first time I had Master rank on enemy team.. Last time when i had Master he got kills on top and rekt my team 1v5 {{champion:58}} ,I get lot Diamond and Plat in team but most time enemy team is with higher rank... so am I the only one with this problem.. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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