Can Yi get a rework?

You know... so he's not the most OP champion in any game apart from at higher elo where people know the meta picks to perma stun him? it's just entirely frustrating and un-fun to play against him in lower elos as it's 100% impossible to deal with him as he WILL end up fed every game, he has to be about the worst player in the world to not get fed and when he does unless you have at least 2-3 stuns to lock him in place there's nothing you can do to stop him. 2 games so far that could have been easy wins but nope 1 land fed the yi, he keeps going back for free meals and in 10mins he can get free kills in any lane he wants and just wins the game no problem. He needs to have at least some point in the game that he isn't a god at lower elo, like make his early ganks not utterly fantastic, make him fall off at late-game, right now it seems the only counter to Yi is counter pick somebody who can actually 1v1 him early so you can counter jungle him a lot or play 5v5 so you have at least 3 stuns in order to kill him, as without that when his ult is up he'll be using Q so often you won't be able to focus him as he'll be invisible to often. Just... why have they left such a broken champion for so long, yes at higher elos people know the counter pick and will co-ordinate to stomp him early so he isn't fed, and the lanes won't all feed to high heaven but it seems you need to get to D1 for that to be a thing so everything below that he just becomes a god you can't beat unless you lucked out on a team with enough stuns to deal with him, and people who can actually land the stuns.

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