A discussion about what is wrong with ADC's atm - (Patch 9.15)

As an adc main I find that adc's has a much **lower impact** on the game that previously. 2 of the _top_ adc's atm is {{champion:145}} and {{champion:81}} for their so called "Safty abillities" and availability to buy defensive items early. They can still output good dmg if they can get into mid/late game that is. I'm not excactly sure what is wrong with this. But unless I am 7-0 within 15 min I am not able to carry early and mid as an adc. Not to mention all the Assasins and Mages that outrange and out dmg adc's. Another way to look at this is the supports. **Top 5 supports** at this moment are {{champion:555}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:53}} In this order. 5 tanky supports which all has more than 50% pick rate together. _God I'm tired of these Nauts..._ My theory is that this meta is focused on **defensive items** and champions that cam build these items early. Which is not excactly something adc's have much of in their kits. When I play **defensive adc's** it is currently: {{champion:498}} , {{champion:15}} , {{champion:145}} and now {{champion:81}}. Those 4 adc's have some kind of defensive ability that can save ur ass unlike most others. Ezreal/Kai'sa can even build defensive items early in the game. compared to crit adc's. I am not 100% sure why the **adc's** feel so **useless** to play these days but god pleaase... I would love some changes... If you have any other ideas or inputs as to what the problems are or how to fix the adc's tell me. Or correct me. :)
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