This new change not only is annoying but enables trolls

First of all, I am one of those people who never surrender a game. That is because I enjoy this game and it seems I am not alone, looking at how "_the united_" is doing in that event thingy. For this reason, I find it incredibly infuriating when people throw surrender votes, which I see as pointless, mid-teamfight. I am not the only one who has asked for an option to hide surrender votes or at least a way not to have them show in combat here on boards on multiple occasions. After all, we can still read that a surrender vote is going on in the chat. Well, this is not yet anything new. But this patch. Oh boy. Not only did Riot still not implement any way to avoid trolling / unknowing teammates who throw an ff vote mid teamfight to cover everyone's screen, but Riot made it impossible to drag the surrender vote out of your screen so it persists there for bloody ages. This has instantly become my number 1 annoyance when playing League and after seeing that Riot is enabling trolling I will never again spend any money on any of their products nor recommend any of them to my friends. I hope others who feel similarly will join me and maybe we _united_ can get that million dollar company to listen to their customers once again.
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