A very serious topic...

I want to know something. Does Riot even know low elo games exist? Like, bronze, silver and gold too, or do they think the whole world is challenger and everyone knows how to play the game perfectly? By thinking that everyone plays perfectly, they think every game is balanced. Well, let me tell you something, low elo games are NOT balanced! AT ALL! Every game is at least 1 player who rages and goes afk after feeding their lane opponent, people crying about autofill, players inting because their jungler wouldn't babysit their lane, flamers, and I see them more and more every game that passes by. You make changes to the game the way that it only suits professional players because we all know why, but that's not the point. The point is, not everyone is a professional League player, remember that! Remember also that the MAJORITY of League players are considered low elo ( from bronze to gold is more than 50% that's FOR SURE ), and low elo games are a disaster! Please, try to do something, anything, to fix the game for low elo players so we can enjoy it as well, and not get frustrated about the same things that are in every single God damn match! Regards.
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