I think Mastery Rank should be much harder to get.

I loved the idea of Mastery rank and I still do.. but by it being so easy to get I think it has lost its true meaning.. the player who has a high mastery rank mains that champion and has hundreds of games on it.. right now you can get level 7 in a day or few of grinding the same champion.. but i think that to get such high levels you should grind much more and masteries should be something not everyone has on 20 champs they play.. **the word Mastery means you've MASTERED a champion and you certainly haven't mastered it with the current Mastery ranking system.. ** so i would make it more like (these are just random numbers so you get the idea of how hard it should be): Level 7 - 500k + 20 S+ games (no BE required) Level 6 - 100k + 10 S or higher games (no BE required) Level 5 - 50k + 5 S- or higher games (no BE required) Level 4 - 25k Level 3 - 10k Level 2 - 5k I know many people won't like this idea, but i really don't feel rewarded when getting Mastery right now.. its easy and fast.. This way seeing someone with a level 7 mastery wil be "HOLY SHIT" and people will be fascinated with it, unlike now when no body really cares.. its just a nice little aesthetic emote..
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