Keep a good Mentality in SoloQ

I'm writing this because it's good for myself aswell to keep myself to these things, aswell as help others. This game is not easy to keep up a good mentality, but it is essential if you want to have better gameplay and want to climb to Plat or Diamond or whatever elo you wish to be in. Now I might add that some negative thoughts are also essential for improvement, but your Mentality should be kept at a positive note, taking SOME negative things seing them as positive **and leaving out** the negative things that don't serve any purpose to your own improvement. Here we go : 1. **Don't worry about things outside your controll.** Your teammates are randomly generated monkeys in evolution, sometimes if you give them a banana/lead they will do better, other times they will throw the banana right back at you and shiet on the floor. And sometimes besides a monkey there's an Ape with a bazooka that will carry your ass. It will frustrate you even further if you worry about things outside your controll and it's pointless brain power wasted on negative things. 2. **Focus on yourself.** Going further to my previous point, the only thing that should matter to you is your consistency, mentallity and your gameplay. 3. **Detach your personal Skill from your Rank** Your personal skill isn't directly related to your Rank, aswell as your Rank isn't directly related to your skill. Can go both ways. Detach your personal skill from your Rank and think deeply what your strenghts and weaknesses are. Only that should matter to you. If you're stuck for 800 games in Gold tho, maybe you should reconsider that you're actually were you should be. Or are doing minor mistakes that you can improve on. 4. **The higher you go, the less mistakes you can afford to do.** Before you run into a circle of "What?! My opponents are actually getting better than my previous Silver n00bs that I've been smashing at lvl 3?!" A minor mistake can cost you the game at higher levels, the lvl 3 all in isn't gonna work a tier up from now. I'm always surprised with how much I can get away in Silver on a smurf and it even benefits me to play this way, which wouldn't benefit me on higher rank. A good but not ideal indication that you get slightly better opponents is that you notice your mistakes more often or you die more often, then you should die less. 5. **Take a break from this damn game.** Shiet happens, then more shiet happens, and then even more shiet happens and the longer you play you will get even more emotionally exhausted. Just take some small breaks, play at the right time. These are important, you're not a mashine. If you want to play this game, just don't burn out on it. It's terrible. Take breaks. 6. **Addapt to your enviroment.** Nature is tough, I know. Smaller things get eaten, bigger things get bigger. Some smaller things addapt to the enviroment hide and eat better food to survive from the big guys. It's hard man, just like being hardstuck even tho you're probably a little better. You're a Hammerhead shark alone, there are much bigger sharks than you... they're eating all your food, you're hungry dude. You have to go where those bigger sharks aren't. You have to hunt down smaller things and deal with them messing with you. Most of the time in lower ranks, you have to use the basics very well. Don't go for any miracle plays, hunt down smaller fish. Get cs, watch your map, don't get ganked and die and use a simple strategie for you to win the game. 7. **Whatever you do, just have a little bit of fun man** With fun comes enjoyment, with enjoyment comes better learning, with better learning comes better improvement, with better improvement comes better games and better outcomes. Just keep your mental stable, take breaks, tryhard and have fun.
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