Ranked System [Silver , Bronze]

Now im bronze 4 . Today was a perfect day to play rankeds . Ok wined 5-6 games in streak with only 18-20 LP per win .... I had 86 LP , played 1 ranked more and i wined fcking (sry for the language) 18 LP , i say no problems i will win the next one . Started playing , i was ryze and my team had a perfect early game (wined 100%) . In min 25-27 Lucian goes afk , Lux (supp) totally toxic flame , lee (jungle) totally toxic flame me and saying im "noob" , and Mundo (Flame lux and lucian) . I can't escape from bronze , every time when i play for my promos every time lose . All my friends have better ranks than me. In season 5 bronze , season 6 bronze , i will be in season 7 bronze too and forever bronze , i can't do anything with toxic teammates and have that pure bad luck. I gank i farm i win my lane 75% on the games but my teammates are so bronze 6 -9999 LP. Can't make a better MMR every time 800-1000 cause losing too much games .........
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