2017 Review

Here is my review on Season 7. Ranked: SOLO/DUO QUEUE Some people are so excited. But my reaction is "Meh.". I liked dynamic queue more. FLEX QUEUE A replacement to dynamic queue. The problem is that to me it's just... a secondary rank. Replays and Practice: REPLAYS I love the improvements. It's really nice and amazing. Nuff' said. PRACTICE TOOL Even though its not released. Its amazing. Can't wait to see it. Client: NEW CLIENT Its cool and all. But i really dont like some parts to it. Assassins: REWORKS Talon and kha'zix are bullshit. LB and Kat are managable Nuff' said. ITEMS Armor pen is lethality. Useless change. The new edge of night is somewhat useful. Draktharr is not Draktharr anymore. It's more like Tharr. Youmuu's attack speed was useful but now its gone :/ STEALTH Now two types of stealth. Camouflage broke some champs horribly. Invisibility is the same. New Control wards are so weird to use. Gameplay: LIVING JUNGLE The new plants are actually really good. Each plant gives a lot of different outcomes. JUNGLE CHANGES RIP blue and red buff creeps. MORE RAPTORS!?!? ... Gromp calm down! Jesus christ this is aids from simple rocks. Also remember the buffs from smiting? They are gone. MASTERIES RIP Strength of the ages 2016-2016 I never used you. And still havent used new mastery. ITEMS New support items which i dont care about. MISC EUNE has no Draft pick. (RITO WHY?! :/) New season... yay... another season of bronze 5... These were the most painful 11 minutes of my life. EDIT: PRACTICE TOOL First release: Yay its out! 30 minutes later: Uh.... this could be better?
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