Could MMR be more what rank is based off?

Just a suggestion but I think that MMR only really has use for your placements, and nothing else. MMR is (correct me if i'm wrong), what your personal skill level is and an estimated result of what division your performance is capable of being in - struggled to word that correctly, but i hope you understand. My problem is i dont see how i have Gold 4 MMR (higher than anyone in silver 2 and most of silver 1) which is said to be "higher than the mmr", not "higher than average" - but i'm still silver 2 with 61lp. It doesn't make sense to me, the rank 1 silver I division player has mmr of Silver 1. It's not a huge problem for me personally, because I will climb anyway. However, I checked what having higher MMR does for you, and I gain 21lp per win, i dont know what people are supposed to earn/lose (is it 15?) but if my mmr is in a division higher and 4 ranks higher surely the amount of lp i gin should be at least double, just makes it a lot less time-consuming. So basically i think rank should rely more on your MMR than your Wins/Losses. It would be more accurate for each player IMO. Feel free to make statements :) thanks (quick lil poll below just out of my own interest if people agree or not)
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