how many champions are in each tier pool of TFT? according to this chart here these are the numbers of champions per tier but i disagree i went through a game and at the end recorded every unit built only including the highest stars of each unit and these were my results so we know that champs can be added back to the list after their owner is defeated which explains most of these numbers but common still sticks out like a sore thumb not to mention the chart should say 40+ common since at level 2 it's only commons plus the carousal at the start 8 players * 5 champs equals 40 champs and unless carasoul is an entirely different pool the first round of commons should be added 3 stars Rekai 9 uncommons Kassadin 9 commons Blitzcrank 9 uncommon 2 ww 18 common Tristana 9 common 2x Kasix 18 common Mordekaiser 9 common 2 stars Anivia 3 leg Kayle 3 leg Brand 3 epics Ashe 3 rares 2x Volibear 6 rares Lisanna 3 uncommons 2x Kennen 6 rares 2x Poppy 6 rares 2x Veigar 6 rares Lulu 3 uncommon 2x evelyn 6 rares Rengar 3 rares Pyke 3 uncommons Shen 3 uncommons Zed 3 uncommons 2x Gnar 6 epics 4x lucian 12 uncommons 4x garens 12 commons Draven 3 epics 3x darius 9 commons 3x fioras 9 commons Vayne 3 common Leona 3 epics 1 stars Sejuani 1 epic Cho gath 1 epic Akali 1 epic 6 legendaries 18 epics 36 rares 45 uncommons 96 commons
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