New walking animations...

Hi everyone! I just wanna say that two of my favorite skins i own are now completely ruined for me with these new walking/running animations. I used to think that Lunar Empress Lux was the most elegant thing in the game. The way she walked in those thigh highs (and the particles in general but that's not the subject here)... And now she is fricking hopping around like what? Idk, she needs to pee? She is looking for the nearest toilet? Completely out of place to the point it really bothers me xD. And ZYRA. Oh Zyra... Pls wth is that? It makes me wanna start boots the first item just so i don't have to look at her walking, specially with Dragon Sorceress... She looks like she spent 3 weeks locked up in a gim and now she is feeling swollen af and is walking like Tyler1 or some sht... I'm so sad and confused. I usually don't care about how champs look, or walk... But these two really bother me... Just why you do dis? {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} That being said i love what they did with Kata...

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