Taliyah - PASSIVE Change?

Many people say that Taliyah's passive is just another useless ability. {{champion:63}}: How about Riot changing it to something more useful? {{champion:163}}: YES, PLEASE! My idea: Taliyah was meant to be a stone surfer, so let her be that. However the surfing should be improved. **Every 14 seconds, Taliyah's next basic attack makes her dash to the target on her surf dealing 40-310 magical damage to all enemies she passes through. (if there's a wall in her way, she'll surf over it; if the way to the target is more distant than 1000p, taliyah won't dash and the passive's cooldown refreshes) Taliyah can also move over the Weaver's Wall with her surf. ** What do you think? Any better ideas?
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