Could you give me some advice: how to counter assasin mids?

Hello guys, low elo, mechanically not really good player here. I like playing mid with {{champion:61}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:134}}, however (surprisingly) I find it hard to handle assasins like {{champion:55}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:245}} and even {{champion:157}} . For instance, today I had a match as Morgana against Kata, and I couldn't do anything, she did what she wanted. She finished the game with almost 30 kills, and constantly killed me under turret. It makes it even harder that my teammates tried to help so they ran mid and instantly died.. Yesterday I had 2 matches as {{champion:101}} against {{champion:157}} and actually one of them went quite well. I thought that I will constantly kill the waves with my Q,W and I managed to avoid feeding. However, I didn't do anything special as I had to keep Yas away from my turret. Well, since after some games I had no idea what to do so I decided to either stop playing this game or change my champ pool. I tried the first option but I really missed the game after a month xD and it honestly annoyed me that assasins have beaten me. So I had to continue. I started playing {{champion:8}} and {{champion:38}} and I felt better but I was not satisfied as I knew these were not my favourite champs. In fact, it turns out that I like mages with range/Aoe and cc as I find it amusing to try to predict where the enemies will be. But it's really hard considering that there are million dashes (khm thanks {{champion:157}} ). I also tried playing the champions which I hate playing against but I didn't really enjoy them. As I've said, I like the style of mages better. I know it would be great to find a team, and I sometimes play w friends, but I'm not rly flexible so I have to learn how to counter them in non-premade teams. I also try to be defensive against assasins ({{summoner:21}} {{item:2420}} {{item:3157}} ) but it feels like thats all I can do. I'm currently thinking of becoming a support main instead. So thank you for reading my hopless problems, any idea what I should do?{{summoner:31}}
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