TFT really is a pain

I've played a decent amount of it and holy hell is the RNG on every little aspect hell. First off, the 3 minion camps to begin with. There is a high chance of going through it with no items and a high likelihood of your opponents getting 3 or more which, when you go into a match with your half item against a 2 and a half item Vayne... it's a problem Even if items drop, when you get tears upon tears upon tears or chainmail galore but the enemy gets staffs, swords and recurves galore... That is unfair beyond belief. Then of course, there is the random rotation of the store and let me tell you when you see people getting multiple 3 stars before Krugs but you can't even find a single bloody Garen or Vayne or Darius to get to 2 star... that is so damn frustrating. Especially when paired with a huge item deficit. Very often I'm forced to have a pure 1 star team (because RNG) against a few 2 and a 3 star with 2 and a half to 3 items... Finally, the damage output and AI is absurdly high and broken. How is it that my Garen with Warmogs, Titanic and Red Buff gets instantly murdered from nowhere? This is with 6 Nobles AND 2 Guardians so he has a further 140 Armor on top of that. By the way... 3 star Garen... Can someone explain to me that BS? As for the AI... so many times they just stand still and refuse to do nothing. Shyvana being one of the biggest examples and I've lost games because of that BS! This gamemode is completely unbalanced and needs some serious adjustments or just downright scrapped and replaced with Random Game Modes like in the past.
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