So, I'm getting level 30 soon...

...And am looking for some tips 'n tricks before I'm going to play ranked. But first, let me tell you something about myself. (I've made some sub-paragraphs, so you can skip things you don't want to read, but **I really appreciate it if you read my WHOLE post.**) I started playing at August 2014, so I've been playing for roughly 9 months. I don't really have a main champ and/or role, so in ranked, I want to fill the role that is left (that's going to be a lot of support :p). I'm mostly playing champions from the F2P week, but I'm still saving up IP to buy more champions and I'm aiming at having AT LEAST 2 champions per lane/role. **CHAMPION POOL** I know some of the champions below aren't really strong against certain team comps (such as {{champion:3}} and {{champion:33}} due to their passive), and I won't play Quinn top if our team doesn't have any tank. Below champions are the ones I've already tried, but I like to widen my champion pool, so **suggestions are welcome!** For top, I like to play tanky champions who can still deal some nice damage, and who can poke the enemy in lane. I'm currently thinking of {{champion:36}} {{champion:14}} and maybe {{champion:62}} (He doesn't have poke, but I really like his damage and engages ^^). I've also played {{champion:133}} top, and it went quite well, but I don't know if I should do this in ranked too. For mid, I like to play mages, and I'm thinking of {{champion:3}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:101}} , I also like to play {{champion:131}} . For adc, I like to play hypercarries like {{champion:222}} and {{champion:18}}, I also enjoyed playing {{champion:81}} , but I don't have the feeling he can do as much damage as Jinx and Trist can. As a support, I like to set up kills. I like to play {{champion:12}} and {{champion:412}} for that. For jungle, I like to play tanks with some kind of mobility. I like to play {{champion:120}} and {{champion:33}}. **GAMEPLAY** So, I know I still have to improve my gameplay, but I have the feeling I've learnt quite a lot during the past 29 lvls. For example, I know it's important: 1. To communicate well with my team, and ping whenever necessary. 2. To have a good cs, and sometimes it can be better to have a good cs instead of a lot of kills. 3. To adjust my build and playstyle to the enemy team. My core-build stays the same, but I may change my buying-order and my last items. Something I have to improve is WARDING. Like a lot of people of lower levels, I'm not buying many wards, as I have the feeling that 'it's a waste of gold, shouldn't I get my items first?'. I know this isn't true, andwarding is important. I'm placing my free ward whenever I can, but in most games, I don't buy a single ward. I also like to learn/improve how to freeze a lane, and how to orbwalk. I can't come up with anything else now, but if you have the time, I appreciate it if you could take a look at some of my games, and give me some more tips. **LOL-RELATED WEBSITES** As last, I'm looking for some good websites where I can find champion builds, counters, synergies, etc. And some sites where I can look up players, so I can predict things like their champion choice. For champion builds, I'm currently using MobaFire, but I've heard that site isn't that good. Thank you for reading! I'm sorry for any grammatical errors I've made in this thread, as English isn't my native language. I hope you could give me some tips 'n tricks. Otherwise, I would really appreciate it if you could upvote my thread, so I can receive as much feedback as possible.
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